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How It Got Started

Early Beginnings

Welcome to this Impromptu Organic Chemistry 101- alright okay, don't worry, this isn't another boring 'online class', so I will wrap it up fast- "Benzene"- Naam toh suna hi hoga, is a chemical compound, known for its high stability and possessing various identical yet slightly varying, "resonance structures". 


In layman's words, it's everything we stand for. Unity, Stability and Equality in varied fields of life. On this website, we bring together thoughts from different aspects of the world impartially, analyse them and serve it to you with genuine opinions about them without any other unnecessary -ahem- impurities. 


About us

ThatBenzeneRing is a student-led organization that specializes in analytical journalism and recognizes the transformative power of words. Its mission is to provide a platform for emerging voices and unheard narratives. With an unwavering commitment to balanced and impartial reporting, the organization seeks to capture and present the latest developments in a candid and engaging manner. ThatBenzeneRing remains fervent in its pursuit of creating a community where factual information reigns supreme over biased perspectives.

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Being focused towards consistency & quality, @thatbenzenering is the BEST place, from impeccable vocabulary to visually enticing illustrations, it is the fastest & easiest way to get acquainted with Current Affairs.

Numbers Never Lie



Having an audience of more than 5000 people, we plan on diversifying it by sharing our expertise in journalism. Above all, we respect the targeted audience's interests to make our content informative, free from plagiarism, and interactive for the readers!



Our honourable sponsors have supported us throughout our journey. From the beginning when we had nothing to present to where our organisation is a well-established journalism encyclopaedia, our sponsors have always had our back!



Our unbiased articles always got you covered if you’re looking for something to give you insights on any topic- be it political, social, or even scientific. The diversity in topics gives us a boost towards expanding our domain and reaching out to more people!



Having a variety of clubs is always beneficial, especially in an organisation like ours- which is growing at a tremendous pace. The clubs give you a direction and aim to work towards. Looking forward to integrating more clubs, we currently have more than 20 functioning clubs.

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