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President, Graphic Designing Club

Meet Ansh, head of our Graphics Design department. He is obsessed with two things, Breathing and Paper textures. His workflow: Get Idea—Contemplate—Cry about it not being Possible—Then Come up with the design in no time. You may often find him singing Ragas while working or sometimes citing Raps. He never forgets to ask if they're also Leftie. He looks like a simple human being, but there's a nerd living in his body. He believes in “Either go all out for it, or just don't do it”. His Tablet, Laptop, Phone and Bed is his comfort zone, he leaves it sometimes only to get Chai. Having Science as his first love, as he says, he can teach you better than your school teacher.

Ansh Malviya- Graphic Designing Club President ThatBenzeneRing
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