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Meet Dhruv Lakra - the one and only debate champ who will make you feel like a speechless goldfish, even if you were born with the gift of the gab. Don't even try to challenge him unless you want to donate your pride to the charity of his choosing!

Dhruv's work ethics and intellect are legendary, thanks to his obsession with the word "nice" and his ability to listen to the same song on repeat until he hates it the next day. But hey, who needs a diverse playlist when you have a one-hit-wonder that keeps you going like a well-oiled machine?

Behind Dhruv's wicked sense of humor lies a deep well of leadership and team management skills. With his unwavering focus and dedication, he inspires those around him to push the boundaries of what's possible. His tech skills are also top-notch, allowing him to tackle challenges with ease and deliver exceptional results.

When Dhruv is in work mode, he's as serious as a heart attack - and as difficult to crack a joke out of. But when he's not being serious, prepare to bust a gut because this guy is a professional laugher. It's like he's got a secret stash of jokes that only he knows about, and he's not afraid to use them!

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