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Animal Abuse: Indians Going To Trash

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Is it really the developed India?

Is this now a place where animals, especially cows, and dogs, are getting raped?

Are all the Indians drunk?

Recently, Instagram saw a video of a man raping a cow, which has left shock and anger in many Indians. India, where a cow is worshipped and revered as a mother, is suffering from such abuse.

This is not it. When diving deep into the dairy industry, a report by animal equality elaborated on the abuses cows suffer from their birth to their death. As soon as a cow is born, it’s separated from its family, which devoids it from getting its mother’s love. Apart from this, cows suffer many tortures in the name of branding. Their flesh is burned with heated iron bars straight out of open fires. Their horns are directly cut down or burned without using any anesthesia. Moreover, in some instances, their tail is either sheared or cut with a wire. Such pain is suffering our so-called ‘ Gau Mata ‘.

This doesn’t end here. Many harmful injections filled with oxytocin are given to them to increase their milk yield and when their milk yield decreases, the merciless workers kill them and sell their meat in the cow market. Once the mother goddess has now reduced to our finance commodity.

This doesn’t stop at cows. The other animals which lived so harmoniously in India are suffering just because the human race has gone mad. In 2021, a pregnant elephant died because some humans were having fun and put explosives in a pineapple and gave her to eat. That mother who was bringing a new life on earth died and that baby suffocated inside of it. Maybe it was better that the baby didn't get to see this cruel world.

To fight the growing rate of rabies in Kerela what did the people do? They started eliminating them. We, humans, have claimed the land as our own. We don’t understand that these creatures have been roaming the earth before we were even born. Just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean that they don’t have a claim on this land.

According to IndiaTimes, In the past ten years, India has seen 5 Lakh cases of animal cruelty whilst saying that unreported could be much higher. Scoopwhoop reported the gang rape of a sheep by 8 people in Haryana in 2018.

Shree Krishna is considered a cowherd in our culture and in the same culture in his city, Dwarka people are literally raping cows. People be warned when the almighty gets angry and then arrives the doomsday.

Cases of animal abuse are increasing day by day and it will keep on increasing unless the sleeping Indian wakes. What we need is to kick those madmen in their shins and bring back their brains, which they have lost god knows where. Nature isn’t something to be played with. It’s a primordial force sustaining us but once its equilibrium topples which has started, then it won’t take time for us to become the hunted from the hunter. The recent irregularities in the weather in India are just a demo of the power of nature.

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