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What is the Chandigarh University Incident?

A highly disturbing incident occurred in the so-called prestigious Chandigarh University hostel, a NAAC A+ Grade university. Does this rating even have any value left? As frightening as it sounds, videos of more than 60 girls, who were students at the university, were recorded

and leaked while taking a bath in the hostel’s common toilet. Against this, a massive protest broke out at the Chandigarh University Campus. Unfortunately, the videos went viral on social media. How terrifying it is to hear about this! Think about all those innocent girls, whose life just turned upside down. Think about all the children who are going to take admission this year, who would have to stay at the hostel? No one would feel safe. What about our safety? Instead of helping the victims of this humiliation the wardens blamed the girls themselves and said, “This is what you deserve for wearing short clothes.” Do the wardens decide now “What they deserve”? For wearing short clothes? Are we in the 70s? Everyone has the right to wear what they want and they will continue to do so. No one has the right to judge. Even after all this, the wardens were given instructions to break the phones of students who had videos of proof so that the reputation of Chandigarh University could be protected. But there is no reputation left which is there to protect now.

The girl who made the videos sold them to many boys and particularly a man in Shimla who has been arrested. As expected the videos now have ended up on various adult websites. The reason why she did all of this was money! Is money so important that you can see the life of your batchmates destroyed? Their families would be shattered. Being a girl she would have understood the impact it can cause but she still went ahead with this. Nothing can be more saddening than this.

Rumours are that 7 girls have committed suicide but no such step has been taken by any student in this incident which was confirmed by pro-chancellor Bawa & SSP Mohali Vivek Soni. The criminal-minded girl was at the campus hostel, now been arrested by the police. Her phone has been taken under Police possession while the State Cyber Crime Unit is conducting its analysis hoping that everyone involved will receive their due punishment. It was also alleged that she forwarded the videos to an outsider who circulated them on social media. The boy who circulated the videos has been detained by the police.

Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that the culprits will get the harshest punishment. Actors like Sonu Sood, Sara Gurpal and Richa Chadha also demanded strict punishment. Students of Chandigarh University are protesting for justice yet no support has been given from the Department of Student Welfare of the Punjab Government.


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