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Cybersafety, what exactly is it? Does it save us from something? Why is it termed cyber safety then? We all must be having such types of questions in our minds after reading the topic, so let’s just answer them together. But wait before jumping on cyber safety let’s look at the need and importance of this topic! Cybercrime, all of us have heard this term somewhere or the other but do we know what it means?

Cybercrime is an illegal activity that targets a computer network or a group of networks. In this technological era, people have found a way to disturb the world. This criminal offence is generally done by a hacker. This can be done in various ways like hacking, spam emails, fraud calls, and credit card fraud. It is mainly done for political or personal profits. You guys must be thinking is it that serious, yes, it is but no one takes it as a real issue.

In India, there is a cybercrime every 10 minutes. It is the fastest growing crime in the US and Cyber attacks are affecting both individuals and organizations. Cybercrime is a serious issue and needs to be addressed urgently and so coming back to our topic Cyber security (which is the easiest solution to our problem) is the protection of computers and other electronic devices from such crimes.

Though, how can we keep our computers safe? What do we have to do? The most appropriate answer would be to be careful because CYBERCRIME CAN NEVER BE STOPPED COMPLETELY!! But wait, here are some tips and tricks to keep your data safe from this crime, one can Use 2step factor verification so every time you log in to an app you will get an OTP on your number BUT REMEMBER NOT TO SHARE THE OTP WITH ANYONE!!

Keeping up with the updates will also reduce the risk of being the next cybercrime victim. NEVER click before you think, this can be dangerous, and clicking on unknown links can lead to trouble. Last but not least don’t forget to back up your data!! Come on guys it’s not that difficult, Regardless of who you are, it is important to keep your data safe from unauthorized access. Stay safe and let’s try to spread awareness about cyber safety more so that we can reduce cybercrime together.


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