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India-Russia Relations

Even with the ongoing war in Ukraine, Indo-Russian relations seem to be reaching new heights. Russia overtook Iraq and Saudi Arabia and became India’s biggest oil supplier. The imports from Russia aren’t limited to oil. Imports of products such as fertilizers and sunflower oil have also seen a drastic increase. As a result of all of these, India’s imports from Russia have seen an increase of 400%. At a time when Indo-Russian relations are strengthening, reports suggest that India and Russia are working together on Marsoplane, a robotic flying craft to explore Mars. The project began in April 2022 after the Russian Science Fund accepted the funding request. Project 75 (India), or P-75I, is a planned class of diesel-electric submarines to be built for the Indian Navy. Under this project, the Indian Navy plans to acquire six conventional diesel-electric attack submarines. Russia will likely be awarded the project. One of the fundamental reasons explaining the close relations between India and Russia (and the Soviet Union) is their history. After India’s independence, the Soviet Union helped India establishes and builds industries, dams, power plants, educational institutions, and so on.

India and the Soviet Union grew closer after the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War when the Soviet Union helped India against Pakistan and its allies, which included the United States and the United Kingdom. The war resulted in a decisive Indian victory and the independence of Bangladesh, bringing India and the Soviet Union closer together.

Despite the pressure from the western nations to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its severe ties with Russia, India continues to assert its neutrality and independence tthrough its foreign policy.


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