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Influence of Western Culture in India

India is a land of vast culture, diversity, and unique traditions. These are three broad factors that attract tourists to visit India and enhance its rainbow aspects. The British ruled India for over 200 years which gradually led to the entry of Western Culture and its adaptations.

Westernization means adopting a culture different from our own, Western Culture in this case while modernization means a change of mindset. People often misinterpret westernization as modernization which is not the case.

Westernization has helped India interlink with different parts of the globe. Compared to earlier years, today we have much more useful and powerful resources for education in both rural and urban centers, we have highlighted ill social practices like the dowry system, child marriage, sati, etc. The most important - we have realized that change is important and many intellectuals are working on building a modern, open, culturally rich India which is the end of the backward, poverty-stricken, indifferent and superstitious India that has existed for decades.

Today if we wear jeans and a t-shirt for daily chores and not an Indian Kurta-Pajama or Salwar-Suit because of comfort levels we cannot completely disapprove of westernization as it makes us feel confident amongst the crowd. Going to bars, speaking different languages, eating different cuisines of food, or even spreading importance about mental health issues is not a part of westernization but all is due to globalization.

In India, we have hugely adapted to western culture and today nearly all of our population is aware of it. However, it does not mean that we have forgotten to take pride in our own culture, festivals, and traditions. On Holi or Diwali, the same customs are generally followed which were present decades ago and the fire of those flames has not yet been extinguished. Westernization has helped us explore and inter-relate to different cultures which us Indians could not have imagined before and hence it has resulted in our open and aware mindset.


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