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Holding a degree in your hand, is it education?

Surprisingly, India does not have a minimum education qualification criteria for political leaders contesting in elections. Education has proved to be the need of the hour and therefore, it makes the situation even more ironic that the leaders guiding the nation are not educated themselves.

Because of the lack of education, our country is battling with several obstacles- namely, corruption, poverty, and black money. But how does education resolve these? Well firstly, education is not just a degree. It is the skill and mindset of managing difficulties effectively in times of crisis. A degree in economics or political science may not give a person all the needed information, but it will aid in the experience in tackling issues. If the superior is unaware of the crisis, the solution is far from found.

“Education has the power to change the world” and so our leaders are expected to be excellent in their work domains. But, there is no coin that doesn’t have another side. Democracy allows equal opportunities to all, including the backward and marginalized classes. Indian democracy is considered the best due to factors like the integration of all classes and the freedom to exercise rights.

Education- no matter how much it has advanced and extended to incorporate every Indian, it still remains far to reach for some. This directly cuts off the possibility of a backward child making a future in politics, hereby contradicting the democracy from an ethical point of view. Undoubtedly, an educated advocate reacts to and handles the affairs of the state more skillfully than a person who does not have adequate knowledge. Therefore, an educated person is more capable. But India is a land of all kinds of people. The diversity of India acts as both- a boon and a bane to the people. It only depends on how it is handled, thus putting the load on the political system made by our leaders.

Our political leaders should have a certain degree in their respective domains- this will not only help in furnishing them with information but will also allow them to deliver to the best of their abilities to put their nation before themselves.

The required courses for filling political nomination forms should also be advanced and upgraded and most importantly- available to all so that not only a privileged child but a poor child also have an equal chance to carve his way up the top. On a concluding note, “ A good education is a foundation for a better future”.

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