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So we’ve all been going about Russia and Ukraine- criticizing Russia for war. But is Russia really the villain ? According to people “Ukraine wanted to join NATO- Russia wanted to stop it and then Russia waged a war”

But do you know the whole story?

Here you go,

NATO- the super union of countries, so united that if one goes to war, all of them support with full power. Sounds attractive, right? Ukraine was in a similar state. Frustrated with the separatists living in Donetsk and Luhansk and the loss of Crimea in 2014, Ukraine went anti-Russia. But obviously, it was of no use because, well, Ukraine is not even half of what Russia is.

Russia, on the other hand, was trapped. NATO only aims to become a strong force against Russia. But a lot of you might be wondering- what did Russia do? Why are countries against Russia? So, Before the disintegration of the USSR, Ukraine was a state, and the Soviet regime supported Ukraine in all aspects, Entire Soviet arms industry was set up in Ukraine including aircraft, ships, AK-47 (the classic) and what not..

In 2014 UKRAINE was offered European union membership, It was rejected by the then President, Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych. Some people opposed it and the government fell. This led to the formation of an anti-Russia, pro-US government (definitely with the support of the USA), and now they wanted to join NATO again! Ukraine joined the USSR on purpose when it was fully aware of the world war situation after WW1 in 1922. They wanted to be under the shed of the Russian Tsar. The only major demand of Russia now (in 2022) was that Ukraine should not join NATO. Because if they become a part of NATO, all 30 alliance countries can station their military deployment in Ukraine.

NOW if there’s any conflict, it directly becomes RUSSIA VS NATO and the result of our “experiment” is going to be a WORLD WAR.

Do you think Russia wants a war? does it not know of the damage war can cause?

Welcome to another story. Putin's father was in the Russian army during WW2, he knows the losses that his family did bear, and the ones that were to bear if Russia did not occupy Ukraine and stop them from joining NATO now.

So, to conclude- Russia never wanted to destroy Ukraine. All it asked for was Ukraine to remain NEUTRAL. So who do we blame now?

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