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Start Up Culture - in easy words, is known for being creative and having a free flow of ideas rather than being rigid and determined towards a single thought. Starting something new requires a charming and unique personality with authenticity in what product or service you are putting across the community.

In a corporate culture, with a fixed schedule and routinary work, the work experience is concrete and fixed compared to a Start-Up which offers flexible working hours with a creative working structure. Earlier, the word startup was often identified with The Silicon Valley in the U.S., where great startups like Facebook, Google, etc originated. However, now Startups are very closely also related to Shanghai in China and Bangalore in India.

Today, right after the U.S and U.K, India ranks third in the global list of countries with the largest startup ecosystems. The advent of improvement in technology, especially in the I.T sector, has led to the emergence of many new Start Ups across the country as now internet facilities are easily available at affordable prices and the world is adapting to digital changes in the form of websites, online education or even online shopping!

India, being a labor-intensive country, also provides a man workforce at cheap rates. The government is constantly making several reforms and putting up schemes to attract more companies to invest and establish their plants/factories in India by offering them special subsidies along with better infrastructural policies. India, being a richly diverse country, also has a pool of talent among its population. People from all age groups are taking a lead by establishing small businesses and a wave of entrepreneurship has taken its toll across our country. India serves as a platter of opportunities for the Start-Up wave.

Start-up India is an “Opportunity”- an opportunity to make something, to build something, to create something, to bring a change. A “Platform” - which acts as an avenue to take an initiative and pursue their entrepreneurship journey. A “Challenge” - a challenge that helps the entrepreneurs to bring the best out of themselves and ultimately solve a problem. A “Learning & Growth Hub” - Start-up India by providing strategic support to various industry veterans and VCs, creates a professional learning environment for entrepreneurs. An “Aid” - there are so many entrepreneurs who at their initial phase, lack the basic support, be it financial or manpower, start-up India helps the entrepreneurs fulfill all of these.

The YOU in Youth is what entrepreneurship has. The passion to do something, to create something, the passion for seeking a change, to bring a change is what Start-up India provides to the youth.


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