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The choice that was supposed to belong to the mother of the child is now in the hands of the government. The fate of the child, which is usually decided by parents will now be under the state. Yes. I’m talking about abortion. The US Supreme court has overturned abortion rights that belonged to women for the past 2 generations. THE ISSUE The Supreme court has decided to overturn the judgement of the Roe v. Wade case (1973) that made abortion a constitutional right WHAT IS THE ROE v. WADE CASE? America was awaiting one of the most significant verdicts when a lady- Jane Roe demanded an abortion. When revoked by the Texas constitution, she when to the district court and won. This came out to be a positive aspect of her journey as she further appealed even to the Supreme Court. With an explicit majority of 7-2, the constitution was amended. ABORTION WAS LEGALISED. However, absolute rights were not granted, women were only furnished with the right to adoption up till fetal viability (the time after which the baby and the mother can be separated- 28 weeks or 7 months) THE MISSISSIPPI LAW

In 2018, the state of Mississippi banned most abortions after 15 weeks much before foetal viability directly challenging the 1973 judgment. Later it was struck down because it unequivocally violates the constitutional rights of women.

The heartbeat abortion law- In 2019, then-Republican Governor Phil Bryant signed the heartbeat abortion law that banned abortions once the fetal cardiac activity is detected which is about six weeks. The law said that physicians who performed an abortion after a fetal heartbeat was detected could have their medical licenses revoked. It also made no exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape or incest. The Women Health Organisation, an abortion clinic challenged the law of Mississippi as they considered it authoritative because it allowed abortion only up to 15 weeks. They appealed to the Supreme Court. Little did they know, the freedom of 15 weeks was also about to be seized. Supreme Court analyzed the case and did several rounds of debate and discussions only to deliver the most appalling decision. It overturned its precedent and seized the constitutional right of abortion from American women.

HOW WILL THIS IMPACT WOMEN? 1) Increase in "Unwanted Pregnancies" that can limit a parent’s ability to make their own life decisions. 2) Deteriorate mental health and progress as individuals 3) The possibility to raise the child all by themselves because of the absence of the father 4) higher level of anxiety and despair 5) they are more likely to stay unemployed to raise the child, resulting in an economic crisis. 6)) Unwanted children may also have fewer opportunities From an ethical standpoint, the debate over pregnancy termination is between a woman's right over her body and the fetus's right to life. one cannot force a woman to bear a child in her womb and give birth to a child if she does not want to. But perhaps a woman's right to decide what to do with her unborn child must be weighed with the unborn child's right to life.

The only difference is that the person carrying the embryo has the power to exercise an option, whilst the fetus does not.

Legislators should put more emphasis on counseling, job security, social welfare, and financial support to encourage pregnant mothers to deliver their babies rather than outlawing abortion. Lastly, the government needs to understand that BANNING ABORTION WILL NOT STOP IT. It will only force women to switch to riskier options.

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