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Taliban's ban on female education

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Since Talian took over Afghanistan, women have gradually been squeezed out of public life, shoved out of many government jobs, and expended a small part of their former salary to keep up at home. The women in Afghanistan are also outlawed from going out without a male relative and are introduced to cover up in public, and are also banned from going to gyms, gardens, fairs, and public baths. Rallies led by women have become increasingly periodic in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over, specifically after the detention of core activists at the start of 2022. After their confiscation, universities were compelled to execute new laws, including gender-segregated classrooms and entries, while women were merely allowed to be taught by teachers of the exact gender, or aged men. Amidst the brutal clampdown on females’ liberties in Sharia-governed Afghanistan, the Taliban regime prohibited university education for women. As per the recent order, entry to universities for female students will hang around suspended till additional notice. In a letter, ascertained by Ziaullah Hashimi, the spokesperson of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education, all the public and private universities are advised to suspend admission to female students instantly, in obedience to the cabinet conclusion.

“You are all informed to presently implement the mentioned order of suspending female education until notice,” said a letter signed by Minister of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadeem and addressed to all government and private universities.

The judgment to ban Women’s Education also drew a brutal reaction from the G7 countries, whose ministers have urged the prohibition backfired. Saudi Arabia too expressed “ambush and regret” on the ban, instructing the Taliban government to rebound it, with the ban, the Taliban have deprived countless women of hard-fought dreams. In reaction to the ban, women took to the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, to oppose it, shouting in unison slogans like “Do not make education political!” Male students and teachers merged in the protest, with some teachers stepping down from their jobs and some students walking out of exams. The Taliban, just one year into their new supremacy, have banned girls from universities, middle and high schools, gardens, and gyms. They have been barred from working for NGOs, which has caused some international organizations to terminate operations. Women are compelled to wear head-to-toe clothing in public, in line with a rigid understanding of Islam approved by the Taliban.

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