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The cause behind political notoriety

This gust of notorious PILs, yes, like Sabrimala, then the one against the Road project of the Army, and Marital rape, who is behind it? And do you know who is saving Delhi rioters, Rohingya Muslims, Harsh Mander, Jamia Violence, and Zubair in the Supreme court?

From CAA, and Farm Laws, to Agnipath Scheme one foreign-funded ecosystem at its level best is aiming to destabilize India. Is it a threat to the current government? Yes, but how is this ecosystem working?

While protesting against the Agnipath Scheme, AISA, Communist NGOs, and a few other political parties in India have raised their voices. The founder of this foreign-funded NGO is Supreme Court lawyer Colin Gonsalves. Accompanied by Yogendra Yadav, his friend, and protest partner, from taking part in the protest to fighting cases for the rioters, he is always there. Moreover, misinformation is ubiquitous too, AAP and their IT cell have started to spread it on media and SM regarding CAA. In lieu of this, Congress and Rahul Gandhi joined in. Do you know what is common in Colin Gonsalves, Yogendra Yadav, Kejriwal, and Rahul Gandhi? They all had received funds in their NGOs from the CIA's arm Ford foundation and other European and Christian NGOs.

The same ecosystem was present in opposition to the farm laws. AAP has established all logistic support for the protesters. These main people were involved in all of these doings and the one cause was foreign funds. The same goes with the PIL against the Char Dham road project. Ravi Chopra who has filed PIL has also received funds from the Ford Foundation in the past.

Once again, Colin Gonsalves is the lawyer against this important project! Same Colin Gonsalves is fighting a case for Zubair. He is also saving Harsh Mander and trying to frame Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur, Pravesh Verma, and Abhay Verma in the 2020 Delhi riots case. They did not even leave the Agnipath scheme, misinformation about it is also going like rapid fire.

But why the government is not taking any action against these foreign fundings?

It's not that simple. Big industrialists like Tata and Narayan Murthi were trusties of the ford foundation in the past. They were donors of some of the above NGOs too including Kejriwal's NGO. This government banned the Ford Foundation in 2016 but Narayan Murthy has lobbied to lift the ban on it. Seeing it panoramically, The whole digital economy of this country seems to be under these two companies. Not losing its focus, these fundings will always try to abstain India from making new laws in favour of national growth.

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