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The Power of Subconscious Mind

Now that all the uninterested people have left this article after reading the topic, it’s just you and me left. Our subconscious exists in our actions that we have learnt and we do without being aware. Such as how you like a post of your friend on Instagram without even caring to glance at it because that’s what real friendship is (sympathy for you if you accidentally did that to the person you’re stalking.) Our subconscious is in itself a very vast topic, even bigger than your ex’s ego (maybe), but it’s definitely one of the most interesting.

If you’ve ever wanted to transform into someone over the course of a very motivated midnight, you surely must have made some or the other drastic changes to your surroundings. Painted quotes, tried some workout or maybe even changed your ENTIRE bio and profile picture on all social media platforms (bonus if you tried to become Ryan Reynolds). But what if I told you, that these are the little things that do actually change you- that is, if you stay loyal and consistent to them.

Basically, changing the information that you grasp in daily, slowly transforms the person you are. For example, following a new bunch of people with different ideas than that of your, on social media, or maybe even changing the aesthetic of your room, talking to newer people and engaging in different conversations than your usual ones, changes you. All of these new things enter your subconscious, which works its magic. A wise person (me) once said, “slow, consistent changes are the keys to success, and it doesn’t always include cutting your hair at midnight after watching a TikTok.”

It’s true that motivation is an important factor for change. But it wears out quickly.

Or maybe…it doesn’t.

The tiny changes that you incorporate in your life unconsciously support you to keep on moving. Unless and until you’re totally against the idea of change, it will work wonders.

And this doesn’t always happen for the best. Remember how watching heartbroken reels make you sad even when you’ve never been in a relationship yourself? That’s the temporary influence that got over you. But watching depressive reels, talking about being sad all the time, always believing that you’re putting a smile up for the world, actually does make you sad. And no, I’m not being insensitive to those who go through this. It’s a natural part of the process. And trust me, if you turn this around and make this view positive, you’ll actually experience happy things! At least, in most cases, this is exactly what happens.

What we believe is what people associate with us.

This comes with a lot of conditions, but it is true. They won’t believe you for the first time, but if you keep pressing a particular trait of yours, they would start to associate it with you, without even being aware. (yeah, subconsciously.)

FYI, this is how the phrase “Fake it till you make it” works.

PS: that’s exactly how marketing works. The constant advertisements that pop up form an ideal image of that particular product in your mind. And so, the next time you buy something, that’s the first thing that pops up :)

But don’t worry, this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. In fact, you can decode it yourself. And the key to it is none other than your dreams. Freud Sigmund, the father of psychoanalysis, showed how the tiny little things that occur in our daily life actually make a huge difference in forming what we dream. Our intrusive thoughts, our wants, our needs…everything is not just a little thing.

Think about it, the cow printed dolphin that screamed Lana del ray songs in your dream last night might actually mean something. And yes, you’ll have to do it yourself. You know yourself the best, after all.

So c’mon, be a little introspective. If you know about yourself enough, it builds up your self-esteem, helps you from being manipulated- since no one can make you think the opposite when you know what the actual reality is, that too with proof.

I know you’re waiting for the downside. And there is one.

Actually no, wait, more than just one downside.

To learn about your own mind, you first need to train yourself. Overthinking can kill you, a boost in ego can destroy you, and being too airy can spoil you.

Dude, you gotta be on the ground all the time.

(oh, and also, this is how manifestation works, your subconscious does wonders in this case.)

I’ll let you wonder about your next move now :)

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