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Timeline of Sri Lankan collapse

Why is Sri Lanka in this state? What exactly happened? More than 22 million Sri Lankans stare at food insecurity, fuel and energy shortage, and lack of access to medical facilities due to an economic collapse. All fingers point towards the Rajapaksas. Starting off on this voyage that led to the collapse, it begins all from April 2019, yes, the easter bombings and tax cuts. Three churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka were targeted in a series of coordinated terrorist suicide bombings.

Then in November, after winning the presidential elections, Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced substantial tax cuts. This step ended up lowering the government’s revenue and wiped out parts of Sri Lanka’s economy.

Before Sri Lanka could recover from the repercussions of the past misleading choices, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hard, and the country’s tourism sector crumbled. Moreover, to pay off government debt it used foreign exchange reserves.

In 2021, The decision of promoting organic farming by banning chemicals fertilizers, and pesticides proved to be extremely wrong. It led to a steep drop in the farming sector. Furthermore, by March 2022, Sri Lanka was facing a critical lack of foreign currency, imports of essential goods were stopped due to this, on 30th March, the government announced 13-hour daily power cuts due to fuel shortage.

In April, the series of events led to protests, and curfews were imposed in many parts of the country. The tensions rose as on 2nd April a state of emergency was declared in the nation. The next day, a nationwide social media blackout was imposed. On 4th April, Sri Lanka’s cabinet resigns en masse. On 5th April, with a great thud, President Rajapaksa lost his parliamentary majority.

It was not soon when on 9th May Mahindra Rajapaksa resigned as the prime minister. On the 27th of June, fuel sales got suspended, and on 9 July president, Rajapaksa went into hiding as protestors stormed his official residence. On 13th July, the president fled the country. Finally on 14th July Rajapaksa submitted his resignation by email.


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