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Vijay Singh, A man is on dharna for 27 years.


A dharna is a peaceful protest. Vijay Singh, a 60-year-old man started his dharna on February 26, 1996, is a 27 years dharna now and is still ongoing. He started his dharna protesting against the mafia and corruption happening at that time. He is a former school teacher who has sacrificed 27 years of his life for this cause and still the determination remains the same.

His dharna started at the Shiv chowk in Muzaffarnagar. Many issues relating to the start of his dharna have been resolved but still, the lands of his village are under the clutches of the mafia. From contacting the then chief minister and filing a report to standing as a candidate in the assembly election against Yogi Adityanath, he has done almost everything to get justice. Now helpless and losing hope he had no choice but to continue his dharna. Over the years he has achieved many awards and still holds the Limca record for the longest protest. He walked 600 kilometers in 19 days from Muzaffarnagar to Lucknow. His sole objective of this march was to meet the CM and raise public awareness of illegal approaches.

He decides to stay this determined and continue fighting in peace against the injustice done to him and his village.


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