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Wave of Cold winds in North

It is no secret that the north plains of India are colder. Being farther from the equator than the South has often led to extreme weather conditions, and the cold is no different. However, as of recently, the north plains of India have been hit with frosty, subzero temperatures. The sudden waves of cold winds have seen record lows that have previously never been seen before.

For example, Fatehpur, Rajasthan recorded the lowest minimum temperature over the plains of Northwest India. But even at - 4.7ºC, Fatehpur is not alone. Faridkot, Punjab is close in temperature at -1ºC. This phenomenon is plaguing Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. The Met Office hopes that the western winds will provide some relief. But why the sudden drop in this season?

As usual, the northwestern 10kmph winds have lowered temperatures during the cold season. However, there are higher reported levels of fog this year. The dense fog has been remaining on the ground much longer than before. This has prevented the sun from maintaining radiation balance, as the warmth of the sun can no longer reach the surface of these areas. This means that the day is cold, and the nights? Even colder.

Such fog is not unheard of, and some years have worse fog than others. However, fog can also be attributed to pollution. If we want our winters to remain bearable, it is advisable that we consider our carbon footprint, or we may face colder seasons to come.


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