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Will Trump be behind the bars?

The Capitol attack on January 6th left the United States reeling. After two years, two hundred of the foot soldiers involved in the attack have been prosecuted. The arrests of these individuals have brought some solace to the citizens of America, that such an attack will never happen again. However, one major conspirator of the attack is still at large. And he is none other than Donald Trump.

Trump plans to run for the Republican party once more. However, not many are comfortable with him becoming a representative for the party after the Capitol incident. For this reason, Trump may choose to run as an Independent. But will a new party solve his problems? One question remains imperative. Shouldn’t Donald Trump be behind bars (just like his supporters) for the havoc he wreaked on American political safety?

Many argue that Trump deserves to be arrested for his role and support in the attack. Yet, he remains an influential political figure. Will the American Justice system see him through?


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