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President, Marketing Club

Introducing the corporate Barbie sensation - Pratham Seth! Just like the iconic doll, he has fans and friends scattered worldwide, and our marketing president is practically the LinkedIn king with connections galore. He's more than just a colleague; he's the ultimate babysitter for our crazy team, and we love to tease and torture him all day (with affection, of course).


His rollercoaster ride in the corporate world has become our playground for experiments, and boy, does he know how to excel! Sure, he throws some Barbie tantrums and whines about us calling him by his doll name, but he's got the skills to pay the bills, and our organization's success proves he's a genius.


He's the perfect boyfriend material - except for one tiny detail, he's single! But who needs a partner when he's already our favourite big brother, right? Pratham Seth, you're the one and only corporate Barbie we'll ever need!

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